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We have had a very busy few weeks leading up to the end of 2020 visiting several congregations and strengthening relationships with many of the congregations who support the work of IGH.   Check out our Facebook page for photos and summaries of our trips.

The West Fayetteville church of Christ has the oversight of International Gospel Hour's work.  These elders have encouraged and strengthened us to grow this year and provided needed resources to make this happen.  In addition to increasing social media and adding an App and podcast venues, we have begun the the task of putting the "international" back into IGH by adding stations in Aruba and the Cayman Islands.  One of our main goals in 2021 is increase our exposure into other English speaking countries by use of internet and over the air radio.

We wish your family and healthy and happy holiday season.  May God bless each of you as you continue your work in His Kingdom.

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