If you would like to know about the Gospel taught in the Bible we offer a free Bible Correspondence Course that will be mailed to your home.  Just email us at

 We are also affiliated with several organizations that offer free resources to people searching for truth from the Word of God.
Click on the AP icon for free PDF books.  This website is full of faith building information.  We recommend “Receiving the Gift of Salvation” as a good start to your Bible Study.
For over 30 years the Gospel Gleaner has provided churches of Christ with sound biblical studies that connect members of the church from all over the country. The paper is published 6 times every year and subscriptions are always free. The editor, Andy Erwin is the preacher for the West Fayetteville church of Christ in Fayetteville, TN.
House to House Heart to Heart is a quarterly publication from churches of Christ.  On their website you can find many articles on Family Life, Salvation, Christian Living, and several free resources.  
If you are interested in hearing more about the Gospel of Christ and interesting Bible-based lessons click here.  There are many options and we suggest “Book, Chapter and Verse” with your IGH Host Jeff Archey.
If you would be interested in an on-line Bible study we encourage you to visit World Bible School for courses introducing you to Bible principles.  Go at your own pace after a free sign up.
Reading the Bible daily is important for everyone’s spiritual health.  Click on the Bible photo to access a simple plan to help you read the Bible through in a year.