For station downloads…

hank you for choosing the International Gospel Hour! We are honored to be a part of your radio family.

Accessing our programming is very easy.
First, cut and paste or click this link:

Second, when the page comes up, you will see a list to your left. This will give you access to the 30-minute weekly, 15-minute weekly and 15-minute daily programs. Click on the one(s) you need.

Third, When the list of programs come up, scroll to the date needed. The oldest is at top of the page.
  • The weekly programs are dated with a Sunday date.
  • The daily programs are dated accordingly--the day they will air.
Fourth, Right click on the program and left click on "Save link as" and you can download and save the program where you need it.

We try to keep programming ahead at least two to three weeks for easy accessibility.

Thanks again for choosing the International Gospel Hour!